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Jeffery C. Johnson: a bio

"Jeffery C. Johnson was born with photography in his blood."- WGN-TV News Chicago, 2012

Photographer Jeffery C. Johnson is a self-taught 3rd generation professional chicago photographer whose work has been prominently featured on the WGN-TV News, ABC-TV's This Week with George Stephanopoulos, Chicago Reader, and at the

As a photographer, Jeffery accompanied the Scottish pop band Aberfeldy to the Lang Spoon Music Festival in Glenrothes, Scotland in 2007.

Captured the scene at the Capitol building in Springfield in 2007 when Illinois Sen. Barack Obama announced his candidacy for President of the United States as well as the subsequent Obama Election Day Victory Rally in Grant Park in 2008.

Exclusively followed the Four Star Anarchist Organization during the Anti-NATO protests in Chicago in 2012.

And was the only photographer allowed to capture all of the behind-the-scenes action of Fox-TV's "Mob Doctor" in the Chicago area in 2012.

He has published two books of his photography, one a photo essay taken on the closing night at the legendary Flame Steakhouse entitled, "The Last New Year" (2012) ("a nostalgic farewell to an icon in Chicagoland for over five decades"- Suburban Life Newspapers) available at &, the other a volume of his photo work of Chicago entitled "Portfolio: Chicago" (2011) (Jeffery C. Johnson captures evocative images of the city"- Suburban Life Newspapers), which was recently featured during the "On the Same Page, Chicago" month hosted by the Brookfield, IL. library, and it is available at

Jeffery has also published a book of the photojournalistic work of his grandfather Elmer C. Johnson entitled "Scoop: Chasing Chicago for the Front Page"(2011), available at iTunes &, as well as an upcoming book of the photojournalistic work of his father Denny C. Johnson entitled "Shot: A Frame Full of Stories" which is due to be released in 2013 and available at

Jeffery has exhibited his work at solo and group shows throughout Chicago and the suburbs and has sold his photographs at assorted stores in Chicagoland including the Chicago Cultural Center in the Loop and 57th st. Books in Hyde Park.

His diverse client list includes, Le Mosaiste out of West Hollywood, Ca, Mrs. Murphy & Sons Irish Bistro out of Chicago and Istvan and His Imaginary Band out of Berwyn...among many others.

Jeffery attended the Edinburgh college of art and the school of the art institute of Chicago and his photography is a part of many private collections.

Currently, Jeffery is working on a project where he is documenting the oldest Czech restaurant in the United States (once a regular hangout for Al Capone) while continuing to attend to his clients needs and applying the finishing touches on the book about his fathers expansive work as a photojournalist.

Jeffery C. Johnson resides in Chicagoland.


Ukranian Institute of Modern Art, Chicago
Le Mosaiste, West Hollywood, CA.
Illinois State Bar Association
Chicago Battered Women's Network
Burnham Park Yacht Club, Chicago
The Flame Restaurant, Countryside, IL.
Mrs. Murphy & Sons Irish Bistro, Chicago
We're Nuts, La Grange, IL.
Fill-Up Station Bar, Berwyn, IL.
St. Charles Place Restaurant, St. Charles, IL.
Cy's Steakhouse, Chicago
Joe’s Saloon, Brookfield, IL.
Ryans Public House, Brookfield, IL.
John B. Schwartz, Attorney at Law, Chicago
Betty Jo Finazzo, Baird Warner Realty, Naperville, IL.
Ray Noland, Artist, Chicago
Larry Sturm, Music Producer, Chicago
Istvan & His Imaginary Band
The Gina Knight Orchestra


2012 -2010 “Chicago Nocturne” solo exhibition, The Flame Steakhouse, Countryside, IL.
2011 “One Day Art Show” group exhibition, The Peace Center, Berwyn, IL.
2010 “Bridges of Chicago” group exhibition, Bridgeview Bank, Lincoln Park, Chicago
2008 “Johnson 3: Three Generations of Chicago Photographers” solo exhibition,
Ferguson Gallery, Concordia University, River Forest, IL.
2008-2005 “Between the Lines” solo exhibition, Mrs. Murphy’s Irish Bistro, Chicago

Retail Locations that have sold my work:

Posters Plus, Michigan Ave., Chicago
57th St. Books, Hyde Park, Chicago
Illinois Artisans Shop, Thompson Center, Chicago
Chicago Cultural Center, Chicago
Fly-Right Gifts, Berwyn, IL.